spot led downlight why the price gap is so big

 2022-04-18 | View:300

The spot led downlight is a small spot led downlight, there are 9.9 yuan, there are also 19.9 yuan, there is even a spot led downlight two or three thousand it.

spot led downlight

spot led downlight after installation, look the same, what is the difference between them ah, is more expensive it is brighter? Maybe nine dollars nine than nine hundred and ninety-nine brighter, this is normal. That is more expensive it is more durable? Now most of the lights are LED light source. And then the poor LED lights with a decade or so is not bad. Then where is the gap between them? Think there is no gap, that is you do not know the LED light source it is poor in the end how bad. First of all, since the beginning of the human light bulb light will flash, that is because the current will shock the light will follow the flash. But the previous tungsten filament lamp ah, he is not how to flash, because the afterglow long ah! You burn the tungsten filament red it will burn bright. Power supply even if the shock and what, he is still so red so bright. But now the LED light it's not the same, the current oscillation it will flash, do not believe you take your phone's slow-motion high-speed camera try, you will see the phone screen flash screen, the eyes will be hard to see ah, eye fatigue easily. Then how to keep him from flashing how to do it? LED lights need to use a better driver or power supply to make his power supply becomes more pure. The current will be much smoother, it does not flash? In addition to ah, the color is not the same, what is the relationship between the light and color. Usually see that color is where it comes from, are reflected from the light, if the light he would not have had the color, you can still see it? Sunlight inside a hundred kinds of red, the light inside only fifty kinds. The other fifty species will not see, such as the museum of the light and the sun, look at the effect of everything. And the cheap lights on a hundred thousand sofas, you see all the cheap. The light does not work. Where does its color come from? How to solve, want to color rendering LED lights prices come up, the

Color rendering effect

The external light spot are not uniform, dazzle control is good, etc., etc., that is quite delicate are technology. This is why the museum that spot led downlight a can be thousands, home with the light nine nine a, ninety-nine a, nine hundred and ninety-nine a have the reason.

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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