How to determine if LED Street Light lighting is good

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How can I tell if LED Street Light lighting is good?

The lighting effect of LED Street Light is that the whole road is very bright and the road is evenly lit.

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  In the light, there are dark areas.

  The light is not bright enough.

  High brightness and good uniformity is the real effect.

  There are two factors that determine the lighting effect of street lights: average illumination and uniformity.

  1. Average illumination. Many customers take a light meter to measure under the light, the value is large and say the brightness is good. This is very one-sided. LED Street Light lighting effect is the whole road is illuminated very bright, rather than the vertical street light below the place is very bright, the light is not bright on both sides, showing different degrees of dark areas. This effect of constant changes in light and darkness increases the driver's driving risk because the eye suddenly transitions from a bright place to a dark place, causing a brief visual blind spot, not easy to see the dark area in a short period of time, thus causing an accident. In addition, it is easy to get sleepy when driving on the road for a long time. Therefore, the road brightness reference value must be the average illumination.

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  2. Uniformity. Uniformity is to consider the uniformity of the light hitting the road. A good lighting effect of the road, paved very evenly, will not be bright and dark. Simple uniformity = minimum illuminance / average illuminance.
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Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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