How to install LED Canopy Light

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With the change of times and the gradual improvement of people's economic living conditions, people are more and more pursuing the quality of life and the elegance of life, putting forward higher requirements for the consistency and coordination of home decoration style. LED Canopy Light is a combination of metal square plate and electrical appliances, simple installation, flexible arrangement and easy maintenance.

LED Canopy Light Gas Station Lamp CL03 100W/120W/150W

I. Sketching

Field measurements are taken to determine the distribution of room pipes, the height of the room, the location of room facilities and the location of ventilation windows, etc., and then a sketch of the room plan is drawn according to the size and shape of the room.

Second, design plan

What is the method of LED Canopy Light installation

The installation method of LED Canopy Light is as follows:

Installation tools: impact drill, toothless saw, ruler, drop wire, screws, boom, etc.

1, the installation of internal integrated ceiling lights must choose a good location, good ventilation, as well as lighting environment, and for the wall itself to check the condition of the good, to prevent the installation process of wall peeling phenomenon. The roof is the installation must be checked before the project, these are the best can be built when the installation, the use of the platform. Generally will use light steel skeleton in the ceiling to do a protective measure. This is the integrated ceiling light installation method before the preparatory work.

LED Canopy Light LED GAS LIGHT- CL01 100W/120W/150W

2, do a good job after the preparatory work on the curvature of the ceiling, as well as the light slot curtain box, as well as different ventilation out of the structure of the treatment, to prevent the installation process does not have enough area, as well as the distance unbalanced situation.

3, the installation process is divided into the bullet line, the use of professional tools to find the distance of the balance point on the wall, and the use of professional tools to make a mark, to facilitate the process afterwards, followed by the installation of the main boom, is based on the original set position to go, are installed on the side bar, as well as the installation of metal plate fixed.

LED Canopy Light installation precautions are what

1, when the ceiling area and location are well planned, you can start using professional tools, popping lines on the wall to find the distance of the balance point, and make a good mark, to facilitate the subsequent process.

2、According to the previously measured position, the boom will all be installed, and then find the exact direction, along one side of the position of the side bar, the metal plate is installed and fixed. Note: In the fixing of the metal plate, be sure to jam the keel and then push a little, stable.

3、After all the installation is finished, the surface of the integrated ceiling needs to be cleaned.

4、After cleaning, there is a final process to check whether each fixed part is completely stable, and record the service life of each part for future maintenance inspection and replacement.

To install the integrated ceiling light indoors, you must first choose a good location, and it is recommended that you try to choose a place with good ventilation. Check the quality condition of the living room wall itself to prevent the wall wall from peeling off in the process of installing the integrated ceiling light. Check the quality of the ceiling of the space where the integrated ceiling light is to be installed.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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