Characteristics and classification of LED Downlight

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Led Downlight is a common lamp, so what are its characteristics? Which categories? Let's have a look!

Characteristics of LED downlight.

Led Downlight can keep the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration, not to destroy the lighting settings, light sources hidden in interior architectural decoration, no exposure, no glare, People's visual effect is soft and uniform.

Energy-saving: the same brightness power consumption for an ordinary energy-saving lamp 1/4.

Economy: because saving electricity can reduce electricity expenses, one and a half years can recover the cost of lamps and lanterns. A family can save tens of dollars a month on electricity bills.

Long Life: LED downlights have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, with a single, LED Downlight lasting 20 years based on six hours of daily use.

Low Carbon: saving electricity equals reducing carbon emissions.

Environmental Protection: no harmful substances such as mercury, no pollution to the environment.

LED Downlight

Classification of LED Downlight.

Led Downlight size by size, Downlight size can be divided into 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, etc., general Downlight size relationship is two numbers, one is the outside diameter, one is the size of the hole, that is, the size of the hole in the ceiling during construction.

According to the LED Downlight used lamp beads classification, can be divided into high-power lamp beads, low-power lamp beads, and integrated lamp beads three.

According to the number of light source points: single plug-in LED Downlight and double plug-in LED Downlight.

By location: home LED Downlight and engineering LED Downlight.

According to the anti-fog light source to sub-: ordinary LED Downlight and anti-fog LED Downlight. Led Downlight is generally a fogged mask, but the fog is to reduce the cost of light efficiency, so some downlights also have to make a transparent cover.

According to the lamp arrangement: vertical LED Downlight and horizontal LED Downlight.

According to the installation: embedded LED Downlight and light-mounted LED Downlight.

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Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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