Installation of LED Track Light

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When it comes to LED track lights, many user friends may not be very familiar with them. The LED track light is generally used in stores or stages. The LED track light is an LED lamp with a long range, which can effectively help stores show themselves, to achieve the purpose of attracting customers to the store. How should the LED track light be installed? Today we will introduce the information about the installation of LED track lights.


LED Track Light

Preparations for installing LED Track Light


Turn off the main power, please make sure the power is off, safe operation.


Check wiring and track, confirm the installation of lamps and lanterns have installed track, if not installed, first installed in the track.


As the track to long-term load the weight of installed lamps, so the installation of attention to the track strength and tightness, to ensure reliability.


After the track is installed, a conductive head is arranged at the junction of the end of the track. Install the wire into the rail connector, pay attention to tighten the lock screw.


Led Track Light Installation Method 1:

1. The track is mounted on the ceiling.

2. The ceiling is slotted and the track is installed in the groove.

3. The track may realize the hanging line installment.


Led Track Light Installation Method 2:

1. Take out the LED Track Light and connect the power cord, leaving a place for the wiring.

2. Place holes in the ceiling, connect the LED Track Light to the power cord, and wrap it with electrical tape.

3. Use a screwdriver to screw in the LED Track Light.


Adjust the direction of the LED Track Light and the bulb is installed.


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Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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