How to maintain the LED Downlight?

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Although the LED Downlight is compared to traditional downlights in energy conservation and environmental protection, it is an electronic product, but also needs regular maintenance, so the LED Downlight life will be extended, then how to maintain the LED Downlight?


1. When using LED Downlight lamps, try not to switch them on and off frequently

Although the endurance of LED Downlight lamps is about 18 times that of common fluorescent lamps, too much frequency can still affect the life of the internal electronic components of LED lamps, thus affecting the life of lamps.


2. Do not change the structure of LED Downlight lamps during cleaning and maintenance

Do not change the parts of the lamps and lanterns at will. After maintenance, the lamps and lanterns should be installed as they are. Do not neglect to install or install the parts of the lamps and lanterns.


LED Downlight

3. Do not use water to clean LED Downlight lamps

Generally, a dry dishcloth dip in the water can be wiped, if not careful to encounter water to try to dry, do not turn on the light immediately after wiping with a wet dishcloth.


4. Particular attention should be paid to moisture resistance

In addition to special LED Downlight lamps, ordinary LED lamps should be avoided use in a wet environment, which will affect the electronic components of the LED lamp driving power supply. The electronic components will be damp, and the life of lamps will be shortened.


Moistureproofing is one of the key points of lighting maintenance, especially the LED Downlight lamps in the toilet, and bathroom, and the headlamp in the kitchen should be installed with a moistureproof lampshade to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid rusting damage or leakage short circuit.


The above is the way to maintain the LED Downlight, if you need LED Downlight, Welcome to contact us.

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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