Five tips for buying LED Bulbs

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Nowadays, many people will consider replacing the original light bulbs at home with LED Bulbs when renovating their homes. But now on the market, many LED Bulbs and brands do not know how to choose. Therefore, this article will detail the purchase of LED Bulbs and make a few suggestions.

LED Bulb

1. Concerned about LED Bulbs, do not need to pay attention to the wattage of the LED but pay attention to the number of lumens.

This is a trap faced by many people choosing LED Bulbs. The first thing people think is that LED belongs to the energy-saving lamps, so in the choice of LED Bulbs, they often choose 3 watts or 10 watts of LED, but such a choice has made a mistake. The concept of wattage only applies to incandescent lamps, which is particularly familiar to us with the very old glass bulbs using filament. As different manufacturers use different LED components, the LED structure and form of the different LED Bulbs have led to different luminous efficiency differences. Alone from the wattage, it has been impossible to see how bright an LED Bulb is in the end. So now, the only indicator left is the concept of lumens. Of course, lumens are also the most basic concept of light.

2. choose the correct LED Bulb color. Just know the warm and cold color is not enough.

Color temperature is quite an important lighting characteristic, and this is especially true for LED Bulbs. Thanks to the LED components of the light-emitting material within the element of the reference grade and formula, we can find almost 1000K-10000K different color temperatures of the single-color LED Bulbs. At the same time, there are more color LED Bulbs to choose from. This allows us to jump out from the previous two choices of warm and cold light, and you can choose more color temperatures to match the use of different areas of the situation.

3. cost and return, buy a little more. Later, electricity can save more.

From a short-term perspective, the cost of an LED Bulb is relatively expensive, and it is more expensive than many energy-saving or incandescent lamps. But the electricity consumption is very small in the real use of LED Bulbs.

4. Dimming can add a lot of life mood.

We can buy each LED Bulb is a fixed wattage. It isn't easy to rely on the wattage to make space lighting get the desired effect. Of course, you can also use shading, displacement, and other methods to adjust the illumination of a certain area, but these are also limitations. And there are LED Bulbs with infinitely dimmable functions. The light in a particular location is adjusted to a specific brightness instead is a solution to the best illumination of space. So if you care about the quality of lighting, many key points of light will have to be selected for the dimmable LED Bulbs. And this dimming ability is best to make a global dimming program, for example, sleepy eyes at night to get up to drink water or toilet, if you use very strong lighting, it will lead to the impact on sleep. Rather, it is more appropriate to let only 3-5% of the output of all the lights.

5. Intelligent lighting.

LED Bulbs for intelligent scenario applications are not used much. But there is a point to note that intelligence is just a tool and a possibility, if for the sake of intelligence and take the intelligent function is a bit put the cart before the horse.

The above is about the purchase of LED Bulbs and five suggestions. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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