Wiring method of LED Linear Light

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There are many friends in the LED Linear Light outdoor lighting project construction. LED Linear Lights when the power is on. How to connect the power? So the following will show you the wiring method of the two ends of the LED Linear Light.

LED Linear Light

1. LED Linear Light two ends of the wiring wayside out of the line.

Choose an exit hole of the same wire diameter from the aluminum side of both ends of the ED line light body. Waterproof pair of wiring from this hole connected to the circuit board from the aluminum side threading.

The advantage of the installation is a seamless connection, a lighting effect without dark areas, and very ease of installation. But this installation is not very convenient for the hidden power and signal lines, and the line can only be exposed outside. Small building floors will be close to see the lines, for the whole building is not so beautiful.

2. LED Linear Light two ends of the wiring way of plugging out of the line.

The plug outline is from the LED Linear Lights at both ends of the plug piece in the middle to open a line out of the hole. The installation of the plug-out line led outdoor waterproof line light differs from the bottom hidden line and sideline. In docking installation, there is about a 1CM gap between the light and the light. In the practical application of lighting projects, gap 1CM spacing will not impact the overall lighting effect much because the light beam is a scattered part and can fill the lack of light by itself. The plug-out line can not be seamlessly connected, and aesthetics are slightly lower than the bottom line. Used in various buildings with dark channels and glass curtain walls, easy to install.

3. LED Linear Light two ends of the wiring way of the bottom of the line.

The bottom wire is a gap from the ends of the aluminum profile, and the wire with a tail card will be shrunk to the aluminum gap and with screws on the plug piece. Bottom outlet LED In addition to the seamless connection, the line light can hide the docking wire and power cord at the bottom because the bottom of the line light housing is an H appearance. The following is more convenient to hide the wires, and the installation of the bottom outlet is more beautiful to the building. Most outdoor lighting projects choose the hidden bottom wire out of the way.

4. How to calculate the LED Linear Light to wiring outdistance?

(1) If the distance between two LED Linear Lights is installed side by side, the length of the male and female connectors can be connected during the docking installation is calculated.

(2) If the installation distance of the LED Linear Light has an interval, it is necessary to measure the installation distance between the two line lights. LED Linear Light manufacturers will customize the length of the butt wiring according to user needs.

These are the three common methods we share with you. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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