How to distinguish between spotlights and LED Downlight

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LED Downlight and spotlight are two kinds of lighting fixtures that look relatively similar after installation, and they are commonly installed in a way that is embedded in the ceiling ceiling, if there is no research or special pursuit in lighting design, then it is easy to get confused with the concept of the two, and then only after installation to find that the lighting effect is not what you expected. If you have a certain pursuit of lighting design, or intend to do without the main light, a large range of installed downlights or spotlights, then this article on the introduction of spotlights and downlights, you can refer to it!

1、The difference between the appearance of LED Downlight and spotlights

①Spotlight barrel is deeper

From the appearance, the spotlight will have a beam angle structure, so the whole lamp of the spotlight will be deeper, it looks like you can see the beam angle and lamp beads, a bit like the effect of the body of the flashlight used in the countryside.


②LED Downlight body is flat

And LED Downlight is similar to the ceiling lamp, is composed of a mask and LED light source, it looks like you can not see the lamp beads, only a white hood panel.

LED Downlight

2, LED Downlight and spotlight light efficiency differences

① Spotlight light source concentration

Spotlights have a beam angle structure, the light source will be relatively concentrated, the lighting will be concentrated in one area, the light will shine farther and brighter.

Spotlights have a concentrated light source, suitable for use in the backdrop of a small range of lighting

②LED Downlight is evenly dispersed

LED Downlight's light source will be dispersed from the panel to the surrounding, the light source is more dispersed, but also more uniform, the light will shine wider and broader.

LED Downlight's light source is more dispersed and uniform, suitable for large area lighting

3, LED Downlight and spotlights are used in different scenarios

①Spotlights are suitable for backdrops

The light source of spotlights is more concentrated, mainly used to set off the design focus of a certain place, generally used in the background wall, under the auspices of the spotlights, the background wall modeling, decorative painting, so that the lighting effect of the space is bright and dark, rich in layers, will allow the design highlights to be better highlighted.

Hanging pictures on the background wall, with spotlights to highlight will be more beautiful

②LED Downlight Suitable for lighting

LED Downlight The light source of the light is more dispersed and uniform, generally used in the aisle, no main light on a wide range of applications, through uniform lighting so that the entire space appears bright and spacious, can replace the main light as a secondary light source of space lighting.

For example, in the living room to do without the main light design, through the uniform distribution of downlights on the ceiling, this side in the case of not installing a large main light, but also to achieve a bright and comfortable space lighting effect, and in the lighting of multiple light sources, the whole living room are more bright and comfortable, there will be no dim dead corner.

LED Downlight on the ceiling without main lights will make the whole space brighter and more generous

And in the aisle such a space, generally in the aisle ceiling will have beams, for aesthetic considerations, usually do the ceiling in the aisle ceiling, do the ceiling in the aisle can be installed with a few concealed LED Downlight as lighting fixtures, and LED Downlight uniform lighting design, will also make the aisle more bright and generous, to avoid small aisles and lead to a sense of crowded vision.

Installing LED Downlight in the hallway space as lighting is also bright, practical and comfortable

The number of downlights in the aisle, according to the size and length of the aisle space to distribute the design.

A small aisle can be installed a LED Downlight, but also to light up the entire space

To sum up, the difference between spotlights and LED Downlight: first of all, in appearance, spotlights look deeper, there will be beam angle, while LED Downlight words look flatter; secondly, in terms of light efficiency, the light source of spotlights is more concentrated, while the light source of LED Downlight is more uniform; finally, in the operating scenario, spotlights are generally used in the back wall, while LED Downlight is used in the aisle, no main light with a large range.

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Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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