What are waterproof led downlights? Features of waterproof led downlights

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Nowadays, modern people pay more attention to the care and maintenance of electrical appliances, many products have a waterproof series, such as waterproof displays, waterproof cell phones, waterproof laptops, etc. Nowadays, LED downlights have also developed a waterproof led downlights, with very good waterproof, so what exactly waterproof led downlights is What is it? It has what characteristics?

waterproof led downlights

waterproof led downlights introduction

led downlights is a kind of embedded in the ceiling light down type lighting fixtures. led downlights is a directional lighting fixtures, only its opposite side can be light, beam angle belongs to the spotlight, light is more concentrated, light and dark contrast is strong. More prominent illuminated objects, higher luminance, more set off a quiet environment atmosphere.

Comparison with traditional downlight

LED downlight has the following advantages: energy-saving, low-carbon, long life, good color rendering, fast response, LED downlight design is more beautiful and light, and the installation can achieve to maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration.

The design theory of LED lighting

The emergence of LED has broken the design methods and ideas of traditional light sources, and there are two latest design concepts.

Scenario lighting: design lamps and lanterns with the needs of the environment. Scenario lighting takes the place as the starting point, aiming to create a beautiful, gorgeous light environment, to set up the scene effect, so that people feel that there is a scene atmosphere.

Mood lighting: to human needs to design lamps and lanterns. Mood lighting is to human emotion as the starting point, from the human point of view to create a mood-like lighting environment. Mood lighting and situational lighting is different, mood lighting is dynamic, can meet the spiritual needs of the lighting way, so that people feel mood; and situational lighting is static, it can only emphasize the need for scene lighting, and can not express the human emotions, in a sense, mood lighting covers situational lighting. Mood lighting contains four aspects: one is environmental protection and energy saving, two is health, three is intelligent, four is humane.

led downlight fixtures

waterproof led downlights are a good product in addition to providing high lumens of light effect, but also to a certain extent can prevent damage caused by wet weather on the downlight.

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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