Types and Advantages of LED High Bay Light

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LED High Bay Light Type

LED High Bay Light is a general term for the types of lamps and lanterns used in production work areas of factories, mines, warehouses, and high bays. In addition to the various types of lighting used in the usual environment, there are also explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments.

G03 LED High Bay Light 60W-250W

01 General LED High Bay Light

Usually evenly arranged on the upper or side walls of the work site, lighting the entire work surface, the need to use higher power incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps or a larger number of fluorescent lamps, of course, there are more energy-efficient high-power LED mining lamps, etc., the vast majority of mining lamps are in this category. General lighting lamps have high requirements for the distribution of light, widely used direct lighting type and semi-direct lighting type two types of light distribution, especially the latter. Semi-direct lighting type in part of the upward light emitted to illuminate the ceiling, can increase the ceiling brightness, creating a more comfortable and brighter environment.

02 Local LED High Bay Light

It is a kind of luminaire that increases the illumination of a certain working part. Its role can be based on general lighting to strengthen, supplemental lighting, but also in some places that usually do not need lighting (such as equipment maintenance, maintenance places) as temporary lighting. Most of their light distribution is not strictly defined. Local lighting is usually installed in the vicinity of the work area, to use the safety of special low voltage (≤ 50V, AC rms) incandescent, tungsten halogen lamp as the light source. There are (portable) walking lights, hanging lights, workbench lights, machine tool work lights, etc.. In some tall factories, sometimes also use floodlights for local lighting.

Advantages of LED High Bay Light

LED High Bay Light can be divided into traditional light source industrial and mining lights (such as sodium lamp industrial and mining lights, mercury lamp industrial and mining lights, etc.) and LED industrial and mining lights according to the light source. Compared with the traditional High Bay Light, LED High Bay Light has great advantages:

1、LED High Bay Light has high RA>70

2, LED High Bay Light high luminous efficiency, more energy efficient, equivalent to 100W of LED High Bay Light can replace the traditional 250W of traditional mining lights.

3, traditional light sources have the shortcomings of high temperature lamps and lanterns, the temperature of lamps and lanterns up to 200-300 degrees. LED itself is a cold light source, the lamps and lanterns temperature is low, safer, belonging to the cold drive.

LED High Bay Light

4, LED High Bay Light in continuous innovation, the latest type of finned heat sink industrial mining lights more reasonable heat sink design, greatly reducing the weight of industrial mining lamps and lanterns, so that the overall weight of 80W LED industrial mining lights down to less than 4KG, and can perfectly solve the problem of heat dissipation of 80-300W LED industrial mining lights.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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