led downlights flickering fault how to do

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In life, led downlights are common household lamps. led downlights are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lamps, so they have been widely promoted. But sometimes led downlights may have some flicker failure and other problems, encounter this situation we should do? The following will give you details on how to solve the problem of led downlights flicker failure.

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led downlights failure causes

1, led downlights driver power supply damage is caused when the led downlights flickering fault.

2, some drivers will exist over temperature protection phenomenon, when the lamps and lanterns material heat dissipation performance is not good, the driver overheating protection began to operate, there will be led downlights flickering failure phenomenon.

3, when the drive power supply and led downlights lamp beads do not match, the lamp bead chip will appear underpowered phenomenon, when the current is too high, the lamp beads can not bear, will cause led downlights flicker failure.

4, if the light into the water, resulting in lamp beads and drive damage, will also lead to led downlights flicker failure phenomenon.

5, led downlights circuit if there is a problem, such as zero and fire wire connected to the reverse, will also lead to flicker failure phenomenon.

led downlights flickering fault how to solve

1, if the circuit problems caused by the light flickering fault, you can check the switch socket at the zero and fire wire is connected, in the actual process, you can use the electric pen, multimeter and other tools to determine the zero and fire wire, if there is indeed a wiring problem, re-wiring can be.

2, if there is a problem with the drive power supply, then replace a suitable drive power supply can be, replace the new drive power supply must be matched with the lamp beads.

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3, if there is a problem because of the lamps and lanterns heat dissipation, resulting in the drive power to open the overheating protection, can be coated with a layer of heat dissipation coating in the lamp housing to strengthen the heat dissipation.

4, if you do not know specifically where the led downlights problems, you can first check the circuit with an electric pen whether the pathway, when the circuit problems caused by the exclusion of failure, and then check whether the driver problems, such as a new driver to replace it up.

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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