How to install LED Canopy Light?

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LED Canopy Light, as its name suggests, is used as a ceiling or engineering lighting fixture to achieve high efficiency and energy efficiency. LED Canopy Light, also known as industrial and mining lamp, factory lamp, warehouse lamp, engineering lamp, high Canopy lamp, supermarket lamp, etc., is a collection of indoor and outdoor as one LED energy-saving lighting.

LED Canopy Light is a kind of Light that we often see in large factories, stations, and warehouses. LED Canopy Light belongs to industrial and mining lamps and is mainly used in Canopy industrial places, combined with the use of an HD light source with a higher light output, the umbrella light source provides about 30% more illumination than the U-type light source, thus requiring a smaller number of lamps and reducing the cost of initial investment and system maintenance, therefore, this kind of lamps and lanterns are also gradually widely used in commercial lighting.

LED Canopy Light

How do you install an LED Canopy Light?

Because the LED Canopy Light installation is usually a large-scale batch installation, and places like workshops and supermarkets use industrial electricity if there is an electrician and installation master, installed quickly.

First, prepare scaffolding and other installation tools

In the second step, the classification of lighting placed

Step 3, turn off the responding power supply

Step 4, remove the lamp and install the wiring. The Zero, fire, and ground wires for the LED Canopy Light must be connected.

If there is no professional personnel to cooperate, it is recommended that the professional lighting installation master door-to-door installation.

What are the characteristics of LED Canopy Light?

The lighting area is big, the effect is better.

The light source centralizes the illumination to be even, the child light is small, is easy to control the maintenance.

That's all about the installation and features of LED Canopy Light. If you are interested in LED Canopy Light, please feel free to contact us. Forever Lighting is looking forward to working with you.

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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