What's a good LED Bulb?

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A good light source should be non-glare, non-flash, have a high color reduction ability, and less prominent blue light spectrum. So what's a good LED Bulb? Elaborate on the following key questions.

Glare. Because the LED light-emitting chip area is very small, the amount of light is large, in a small area of intense light, staring at nature is dazzling. The common LED Bulb uses a matte shade to soften the effect. Others use light beams that direct a lot of light to the side (most of the light from a normal bulb is in the 90-degree range below, which means most of the light is down, making it hard to look straight ahead), hitting the walls and ceilings around them, re-reflection, forming a huge"Diffuse reflection softener", reducing glare.

Strobe. That's 100 light and dark changes per second due to the properties of alternating current. This can increase eye strain and damage vision. In general, we can use IC constant current power supply to solve the stroboscopic problem. But not all of the IC constant-current drives didn't have strobe, because the LED Bulb's drive circuit was often relatively simple, and even sometimes one could lose the other. Also, not all of the resistance-and voltage-limiting drives had strobe. What is IC constant current or resistance limit pressure, the geeks may sneer at the latter, but this is often not a technical problem, is a market problem. No matter whether constant current or limited pressure does not flash is the health of the lamp.

LED Bulb

Low color rendering problem. That is, under the LED light, the object can not be illuminated through true color restoration. That's one of the main reasons the average user feels"Strangely uncomfortable" with LED lighting, as the LED Bulb now displays an index of around 80, compared with the 90 or so of good CFLs in the past, past incandescent bulbs are closer to 100. In addition, high color temperature is also one of the killers, because the high color temperature is more difficult to do the high show. The same brand with the series of light bulbs, generally warm yellow than the daylight color of the show refers to high.

Blue Light Hurts Eyes. This is a very controversial part, but it is now widely believed that blue light is harmful to the human eye. Because the lighting LED light source can only achieve colorless light by adding blue LED light, which is different from the natural light in the blue light part of the relatively smooth spectral distribution, the blue light part of the LED light source is very prominent, in particular, high-color temperature LED light sources around 6,000 K, while low-color temperature LED light sources below 3,000 K have a much better blue light part, and the blue light part of the spectral distribution is also comparable to sunlight. Visible, this is also the need for low color temperature AH.

To sum up, a good LED Bulb should be non-glare, non-strobe, high-color and blue light does not stand out. But three of these four items are related to color temperature and all point to the need for low color temperature.

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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