LED High Bay Light features and advantages

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LED High Bay Light is more common in our lives, whether on the road, as advertising devices will have, but also more widely used. So what are the advantages of LED High Bay Light?


High light efficiency and energy saving:

LED High Bay Light because of its characteristics of Light unidirectional, so there is no Light diffusion, to ensure lighting efficiency. In addition, the unique secondary optical design can illuminate the required lighting area, further improving the lighting efficiency to achieve energy-saving purposes. LED High Bay Light has automatic control energy-saving device, that can achieve different time lighting requirements to achieve the maximum reduction of power and energy savings.


Small light attenuation:

LED High Bay Light decays by less than 3% in a year and still meets road-use lighting requirements after 10 years of use, while High-pressure sodium Light decays by more than 30% in a year or so, LED street lamps can be designed to use less power than high-pressure sodium lamps.


LED High Bay Light

Uniform light color:

LED High Bay Light without lens, not to increase brightness and sacrifice uniform Light color, to ensure no aperture Light color uniformity.


Long service life:

Can use more than 50,000 hours, to provide three years of quality assurance. The disadvantage is that the life of the power supply can not be guaranteed.


Easy installation:

No need for buried cable, no need for rectifier, etc., directly installed on the pole LED High Bay Light or Light source nested in the original lamp shell.


Reliable quality:

LED High Bay Light circuit power supply all use High-quality components, each LED has separate over-current protection, no need to worry about damage. LEDs are low-voltage devices that operate at a safe voltage and do not contain harmful metallic mercury, unlike high-pressure sodium lamps or metal-halide lamps that pose a hazard to the environment when they are discarded. So it is a safer power supply than using high voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places.


The above is an introduction to the performance, characteristics, and advantages of LED High Bay Light. I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

    In order to make up for all types of users whit the inconvenience of the LED applications, the company will provide technical support for LED applications by specialized technical departments of the company. We will be the solid backing of customer and help clients to develop more market to make LED lighting in the wider area to be achieved.

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