Considerations when buying LED Downlight

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LED Downlight is one of the common choices, so this article will take you through the considerations when buying LED Downlight.

LED Downlight

(1) The location of the lamps and lanterns used. You should consider the location of the light to help you choose the power wattage and whether you need special features. For example, high ceilings will require higher-wattage lights, which will produce more light. In addition, LED downlights in bathrooms are specified with a minimum IP44. IP stands for "Ingress Protection," and the 2 digits indicate the level of protection against water ingress. This is an important consideration in bathrooms where there is a lot of air moisture; another indoor downlighting rule is to 'leave a 3-foot (7-8cm or so) gap between the edge of the ceiling and the downlight. Put them too close to the wall, and you'll get shadows, making the room look smaller. Of course, rules are made to be broken, and you may deliberately want to create a more dramatic effect by breaking this one.

(2) Domestic or commercial? If specified for a public building or company, you may need to check any building codes that apply before choosing a downlight. On the other hand, home users can usually handle regulations.

(3) Opening size. The opening size is the size of the desired hole in the ceiling, which is usually different from the advertised diameter.

(4) Applicability. This is particularly relevant for commercial use, but home users can determine this by purchasing a product that meets additional safety codes. We declare that the downlight we sell complies with the fire rating, which means that it will not have the weakness to cause fire penetration in the ceiling. These will help you select products that comply with your company's safety policy.

(5) Savings. If you are interested in the savings offered by LED Downlight, check the wattage of your current lighting and compare it to the LEDs you are interested in. In particular, LED downlights will result in significant cost savings compared to halogen downlights. Of course, many directional halogen bulb types have now been banned by the European Union for energy efficiency reasons, so it pays to buy a good quality, long-lasting, light LED product.

(6) Electrician/Labor Costs. When considering the costs involved, you should include a quote for an electrician to install the led fixtures professionally. LED Downlights require wiring, which should be done by a trained professional. You need to get quotes from a trusted tradesperson and consider these costs in your total expenses before buying.

(7) Replacement products. The great advantage of LED Downlighting is the long life of the fixture, which greatly reduces maintenance costs compared to halogen lamps. After all, replacing downlights is a pain because replacing them can damage the ceiling, and replacement should be installed by a trained electrician, which can add to the cost.

(8) Dimming. If you want to dim the downlight, choose a fixture marked dimmable. Not all LED lights are dimmable. You should consult us to determine how you wish to dim the lights and what equipment to use.

(9) Color temperature. Choosing the correct color temperature is a very personal decision because it helps set the mood of a room. Simply put, color temperature is the color that the light from a lamp looks like.

(10) Color rendering. In some cases, color rendering will become more important. Color rendering describes how realistic the color of an object in artificial light is in sunlight.

These are the 10 considerations about buying LED Downlight if you need to know more, welcome to contact us!

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

    In order to make up for all types of users whit the inconvenience of the LED applications, the company will provide technical support for LED applications by specialized technical departments of the company. We will be the solid backing of customer and help clients to develop more market to make LED lighting in the wider area to be achieved.

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