LED Street Light construction steps and precautions

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With the development of society, nowadays we walk on the road, the figure of LED Street Lights can be seen almost everywhere. As one of the many LED products, inherited the advantages of LED energy-saving and environmental protection, and high brightness, favored by people, is nowadays street light manufacturers vigorously used in the road lighting construction project. But it should be installed strictly following the steps to install and pay attention to some matters to ensure the LED Street Light's normal operation. The following article will describe the LED Street Light installation steps and precautions.

LED Street Light

1. Select the installation location. Choose a suitable installation location to facilitate the foundation and installation of the street light pole; pay attention not to choosing a wet place to prevent the street light pole is not stable.

2. Wiring (laying buried cable). According to the project requirements, choose the right type of cable, lay the cable, conduct an insulation test on the cable to ensure that the test values meet the specification requirements, and wear the cable in the waterproof nylon tube.

3. Digging the pit. According to the size of the pre-buried parts, dig a suitable pit for pouring.

4. Pouring. Put the pre-buried parts into the pit and pour the cement. Pay attention to stabilizing the pre-buried parts during the pouring process to ensure that the pre-buried parts are flat and straight.

5. Fix the LED Street Light. Wait for the foundation to air dry, fix the bottom flange of the assembled LED Street Light with the pre-buried parts, and tighten the screws.

6. Wiring. Connect the wires inside the street light pole with the laid cable, wrap the joint with adhesive tape, and prevent the joint from the street light pole.

The following points in the installation process also need your attention.

(1) the same location of the LED Street Light installation height (from the light source to the ground), elevation angle, and direction of the installed lights should be consistent.

(2) LED Street Light installation longitudinal centerline and longitudinal centerline of the lamp arm should be consistent. The horizontal line of lamps and lanterns should be parallel to the ground, fastened after visual inspection should not be skewed.

(3) LED Street Light head should be adjusted to the correct position according to the design, and street light head wiring should be in line with the provisions.

(4) Various nuts are checked and tightened again, and adding gaskets and spring pads is appropriate.

The above is the LED Street Light installation steps and precautions. You must follow the above steps and requirements for installation, after installation, and on the LED Street Light several times to ensure its normal and stable light.

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Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

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