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COB LED Downlight

COB LED Downlight is a high-brightness, uniformly-distributed, and energy-efficient LED lighting fixture suitable for various commercial and residential lighting scenarios. 

With wattage options ranging from 5 watts to 35 watts, it can be used in spaces of different sizes. COB LED Downlights with 5-15 watts are suitable for small commercial spaces or residential areas, such as hallways and kitchens. COB LED Downlights with 18-25 watts are suitable for medium-sized commercial spaces, such as shopping malls, offices, and hotels. COB LED Downlights with 26-35 watts are suitable for large commercial spaces, such as exhibition halls, supermarkets, and large offices. Additionally, COB LED Downlights are classified based on their fire resistance and color temperature to accommodate various application scenarios. To achieve optimal lighting effects, it is important to select the appropriate wattage, fire resistance, and color temperature parameters based on specific lighting needs and application scenarios.

Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products.
Please write down your information to facilitate inquiries about our related products

    In order to make up for all types of users whit the inconvenience of the LED applications, the company will provide technical support for LED applications by specialized technical departments of the company. We will be the solid backing of customer and help clients to develop more market to make LED lighting in the wider area to be achieved.

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