LED Street Light flicker causes and solutions

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When walking on the road at night, we sometimes find the street lights on the highway flickering. Usually, the human eye can sense the flicker of light at a frequency up to 70 Hz. If it is lower than 70 Hz, the human eye will feel the flicker, street Light flickers will not only stimulate the eye but also affect the lighting effect, this is generally LED Street Light, LED Street Light flicker may be the following reasons.


Drive power problem

The driving power supply of LED Street Light generally adopts a constant current power supply. The basic working mode of constant current power supply is to continuously adjust the output voltage to ensure constant current when the internal resistance of the LED lamp ball changes, but there is a limit to this adjustment, constant-current power supply in addition to an output voltage range, once the limit is broken, the power will enter a protected state, its performance is that the lights start flashing.


Led lamp beads problem

If the LED bulb does not match the LED power supply, it will flicker. A normal 1W bulb can withstand a current of 80-300mA and a voltage of 3.0-3.4 v. if the bulb chip is not at full power, will cause the phenomenon of the stroboscopic light source, the current is too high and the lamp beads can not withstand a bright off.


LED Street Light

The lamp is broken

The phenomenon of stroboscopic outdoor lamps may be the lamps did not do a good waterproof treatment caused by water, lamp beads, and drive power damage one of them will lead to stroboscopic and need timely maintenance.


Led Street Light Flicker Fault Resolution

The LED Street Light was blinking all the time. First of all, the maintenance staff had to find out whether the trouble spot was the driving power supply or the LED lamp bead. They could find out the trouble spot by replacing the driving power supply and the lamp bead respectively, if both fail, they need to be replaced together.


Sometimes there will still be a flicker after the street lights of the fault, this will consider whether the line is the problem, there may be a switch control zero line problem, which needs to be dealt with in time to avoid accidents; If the circuit is checked and no problem is found, then it is likely that the LED Street Light itself generated a self-induced current, using relays to connect the coil to the lamp in series can solve the problem.


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